PlantValor gathers the know-how regarding the extraction and use of plant-based products and couples it with the most advanced technological capabilities in the Baltics.

Polli Horticultural Research Centre of the Estonian University of Life Sciences together with co-operation partners has initiated the establishment and development of the Competence Centre for Knowledge-Based Health Goods and Natural Products. The Competence Centre is unique in Estonia as its main field of activity and niche lies in the research and development of health goods and natural products using modern, high-technology methods, including extraction of bioactive ingredients of plant origin, that are used in functional foods, eco-cosmetics, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc.

The main goal of the project is to consolidate and mobilise sectorial know-how as well as other resources and raise the sectorial competitiveness via international networking, research, and development based on both academic excellence and business innovation. It also aims at enhancing the visibility of the region and supporting the cooperation of research institutes, the public sector and enterprises.